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2004-2005 series (Departmental Colloquium)

Fall 2005

DateSpeaker Affiliation TitleContact
  September 8 Joseph G. Tischler Naval Research Laboratory Single spin spectroscopy of neutral and charged excitons in GaAs quantum wells and dots Ulloa
  September 15 Nitin Samarth Penn State University Spin control in magnetic semiconductor heterostructures Sandler
  September 22 Hans-Andreas Engel Harvard University Spin Hall Effect in GaAs Ulloa
  September 29 J. Furdyna University of Notre Dame Electronic Effects Determining the Formation of Ferromagnetic III1-xMnxV Alloys During Epitaxial Growth Govorov
  October 13 Garnett W. Bryant National Institute of Standards and Technology The Nanooptics of Metallic Nanoparticles Govorov
  October 20 Stefan Strauf University of California, Santa Barbara Semiconductor nano structures for photonic information processing Govorov
  October 27 Serge Nakhmanson Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Ab initio studies and design of ferroelectric-polymer materials Drabold
  November 3 Laszlo B. Kish Texas A&M University Fluctuation-Enhanced Sensing and Prompt Identification of Bacteria Neiman
  November 10 Ludwig Bartels University of California, Riverside Two macroscopic concepts that govern molecules on metal surfaces Hla
  November 17 Thomas Klar Munich University Nano-optical functions of solid state nanoparticle hybrid systems Govorov

Winter 2006

DateSpeaker Affiliation TitleContact
  January 5 Ralph Whaley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Bridging the III-V/Si Gap: Novel Photonic Platforms for Next-Generation Integrated Devices Sandler
  January 12 Tigran Shahbazyan Jackson State University Intersubband Light Absorption in Quantum Wells: Old Problems and New Results Govorov
  March 9 at 2:10 p.m. Stefan Foelsch Paul-Drude-Institut for Solid State Electronics Quantum confinement in surface-supported metal nanostructures Hla

Spring 2006

DateSpeaker Affiliation Title Contact
  March 30 Alejandra Lukaszew University of Toledo Highly anisotropic nanomagnets Sandler
  April 6        
  April 13 Hans-Peter Wagner University of Cincinnati Exciton induced phase coherent photorefractivity in ZnSe single quantum wells Govorov
  MONDAY, April 24 Anders Mikkelsen Lund University Direct atomically resolved imaging of semiconductor nanowires by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Smith
  April 27 Lev Tsimring University of California, San Diego Delay-Induced Stochastic Oscillations in Gene Regulation Neiman
  May 4      
  May 11 Leigh Smith University of Cincinnati Probing the electronic and spin properties of single semiconductor nanostructures: From dots to wires Govorov
  TUESDAY, May 16 in Stocker 103 John B. Gruber University of Texas at San Antonio Optical Properties of Rare-Earth Doped Wide Band Gap Semiconductors Jadwisienczak
  May 18 Bruce D. McCombe SUNY at Buffalo Spin Injection and Manipulation in InAs-based Heterostructures Ulloa
  May 25 Jason Hafner Rice University Physics, Chemistry, and Biotechnology with Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances Chen
  June 1 Ralf Bundschuh The Ohio State University Quantitative modeling of RNA single-molecule experiments Braslavsky

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