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Fall 2014 Schedule
Spring 2015 Schedule
2013-2014 series
(Physics & Astronomy Colloquium)

Fall 2014

DateSpeaker Affiliation TitleContact
  August 28    
  September 4    
  September 11    
  September 18    
  September 25    
  October 2 Salvador Barraza-Lopez   University of Arkansas   Understanding the Properties of Conformal Two-Dimensional Materials from Atomic Displacements Sandler
  October 9  Farida Selim  Bowling Green State University Control and Characterization of Multifunctional Oxide Semiconductors Drabold
  October 16 Shawna Hollen  Ohio State University  STM studies of the surface electronic structure and local hydrogenation of graphene islands on Cu(111) Sandler
  October 23 Jason Benedict  University of Buffalo  Linkers to Lattice: The design, synthesis and characterization of diarylethene-based photo-responsive metal-organic frameworks Rack
  October 30 Partha Biswas  Glidden Visiting Professor from The University of Southern Mississippi  Hydrogen Microstructure in Amorphous Silicon Drabold
  November 6 Neeraj Nepal  Naval Research Lab Low Temperature Atomic Layer Epitaxyof III-V Nitride Semiconductors Jadwisienczak
  November 13 Alexander Vasiliev University of Bergen, Norway SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM JOINT WITH THE MATH DEPARTMENT AT 2:00PM IN 318 MORTON HALL Savin
  November 13 Brady Gibbons Oregon State University Piezoelectric Thin Film Research at Oregon State University Rack
  November 20 Jixin Chen  Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ohio University  Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging: Seeing Single-Molecule Dynamics at Interfaces Richardson
  December 4 Yasufumi Fujiwara  Osaka University, Japan Current status of environmentally-friendly red light-emitting diodes using europium-doped gallium nitride Jadwisienczak

Spring 2015

DateSpeaker Affiliation Title Contact
  January 15    
  January 22 Leigh M. Smith  University of Cincinnati  Controlling and Measuring the Energy Landscape in Single Semiconductor Nanowire Heterostructures Ulloa
  January 29 Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin  The Ohio State University  New Directions for Active Spintronics: New Experimental Approaches and Novel Materials Sandler
  February 5 Terry Bigioni  The University of Toledo  Molecular Silver Nanoparticles: chemical, optical and structural principles Govorov
  February 12 Jian Huang  Wayne State University  Quantum Wigner Solids in Two-dimensional Flatlands Ulloa
  February 19     Cancelled due to university closure Staser
  February 26 Morten Hjorth-Jensen Michigan State University Computing in Science Education. Integrating a Computational Perspective in the Basic Science Education Drabold
  March 12 Andriy Kovalskyy  Austin Peay State University  Modification of surface structure in chalcogenide glass thin films: mechanisms and practical applications Chen
  March 19 CMSS Faculty Only   Ohio University   Information Meeting Rack
  March 26 Roger Gläser Leipzig University  Heterogeneous Catalysis in Nanopores: The Benefit of Hierarchical Pore Systems Rack
  April 2    
  April 9 Clarina Dela Cruz  Oak Ridge National Laboratory  Probing the World of Correlated Electron Systems: Materials Characterization and Neutron Scattering Studies Cimatu
  April 16 CMSS Faculty Only   Director Election Rack
  April 23 Kaden Hazzard   Rice University   What I create, I understand: engineering ultracold matter to decipher real materials. Staser

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